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SCORE Business Advice Day

Do You Have What it Takes to Own a Business? Learn “What You Need To Know” to be a Successful Entrepreneur… It’s Informative… its Amazing… and it’s Free! (Speed Networking, Workshops and Speed Counseling) Here’s what you will discover when you attend our workshops: 1pm: 5 Steps to Growing a Strong Online Presence Presenter: Edison Guzman, A&E Advertising and Web Design 2pm: Bli...
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Your Goals Shape Your Future

Business Secret #2 Create Short and Long Term Realistic Goals and Adhere to a Specific Date by Which to Achieve Them by Edison R. Guzman A&E Advertising and Web Design This business secret is perhaps the most overlooked, because it is so simple in nature. Below is an excerpt from one of my books, “Customer Attraction Secrets“. After speaking with hundreds of business owners in the past few...
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Do You Know Where You’re Going?

After posting the 21 Secrets to Business Success video yesterday, I received great feedback via e-mail. Here’s what Kathy Zdanowicz of Peaceful living Through Feng Shui emailed me: “WOW Edison!  That was a definite WOW!!!  Very, very good.  I will definitely follow all of the steps.” This and many other comments were made, and I’m very glad the presentation was well received. Since it was ...
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How to Save Thousands of Dollars in Advertising Fees

By: Edison R. Guzman A&E Advertising and Web Design� You run two ads. One ad in the local major newspaper, and the other ad in a smaller circulation, yet more targeted paper. Which of the two ads work best? Some will argue that the print media with the larger circulation will get the best results. Others will argue that a targeted media will get the best result. Want to know which is best...
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Take the time to create your Unique Selling Proposition

By: Edison R. Guzman� A&E Advertising and Web Design Your Unique Selling Proposition or Unique Selling Advantage as some may call it is a statement or slogan you can create that tells your prospective customer what�s different and unique about your company, that they should do business with you instead of the competition. I always hear things like: “We have great customer satisfaction” or, “...
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How to Attract Customers (Part 2)

How to Identify and Target Your Specific Market By: Edison R. Guzman� A&E Advertising and Web Design� The number one mistake most business owners make when going into business is not targeting their specific market. I’ve had clients complete my Marketing Audit Questionnaire only to learn that they have no clue of what a target market is, or how to identify it. So, let me explain what a targ...
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How to Attract Customers (Part 1)

By: Edison R. Guzman� A&E Advertising and Web Design� There are many factors to consider when growing a successful business. However, without customers, your business will wither away and feed your competition. The definition of a costumer, according to the dictionary, is someone who pays for goods or services. This post is dedicated to every individual who is in business attempting to attra...
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Where to Invest Your Money in This Economic Environment

The Dow is at an all time low. One year ago today, the dow broke a record high at 14,165. Today, it closed at 8,579.19. That’s over 5,585 points LOST within one year. Many banks are failing, merging, or being taken over. The Fed is cutting rates and bailing out some of the largest companies in America. GM’s stock value has shrunk from 52 billion dollars in 2000 down to 3.8 billion in 2008. Hom...
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