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Where to Invest Your Money in This Economic Environment

The Dow is at an all time low. One year ago today, the dow broke a record high at 14,165. Today, it closed at 8,579.19. That’s over 5,585 points LOST within one year. Many banks are failing, merging, or being taken over. The Fed is cutting rates and bailing out some of the largest companies in America. GM’s stock value has shrunk from 52 billion dollars in 2000 down to 3.8 billion in 2008. Hom...
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What Lenders Want From Businesses

What do business-loan lenders want to see?  A business plan that installs confidence.  Why?  Banks lend money to make money.  They earn income on fees and interest.  And, they want the money back. They are looking for a well-thought out plan.  What will the business do?  Who will own it, manage it?  Does the person (or persons) have necessary knowledge and experience to make the business successf...
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The SBA Applauds Stimulus Bill

The SBA Applauds Stimulus Bill, Planning Underway For Broadest, Quickest Small Business Impact WASHINGTON – The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act contains a package of loan fee reductions, higher guarantees, new SBA programs, secondary market incentives, and enhancements to current SBA programs that will help unlock credit markets and begin economic recovery for the nation’s small business se...
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